Write a letter making your views known, to:
 John Power, Silver King Seafoods, Castletownbere, West Cork  or e mail:
Send a copy or write a separate letter to any or all of the following: -  click here for list of useful contacts

Click here to print off a poster or two
for display on notice boards near you.

Ask us for a sticker for your car or shop window. Actual size 3 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Add a small banner to the top right corner of your own personal or business website.
For an example and instructions on how to do this, click here

Send a donation to
Dunmanus Bay Marine Association
Bank of Ireland, Bantry, West Cork.
Sort Code 902602  Account number 23488571
International IBAN: IE 28BOFI90260223488571

Why we don't have an online petition on our site.
In an unrelated campaign, 40,000 signatures were gathered online 
 and 10,000 hard copy signatures handed in at Dail Eireann.
All were totally disregarded by the authorities........
because personal information was not included.
EU legislation for validity of online petitions is as follows:
'Signatures must be collected within one year and each person signing
must give a range of personal details, including their name and address, email,
date and place of birth and a piece of identity such as their passport or PPNS number.
All data must be destroyed within 18 months of submission.'

Contact us by email and tell us what skills you have to offer.

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